Saturday, 6 August 2016

Monsanto Transgenic Pipeline is a Treadmill

One of the most widely circulated of all the criticisms of the Green Revolution is backed by decades of research. This research demonstrates that "improved" hybrids require a high input regime that places the farmer on the "fertilizer and pesticide treadmill." 

Once the "modernizing" farmer gets on the agro-industrial chemical treadmill, the entire agroecosystem begins to behave like a drug addict. Eventually, the effectiveness of this chemical addiction unravels and the entire land organism falls apart in frenzied bouts of entropy. 

Have you ever seen a field that was abandoned to blowing winds, rocks,  sand, and weeds after four decades of monoculture chemical farming? It looks like a desert: Worst, since deserts have bountiful life in their nooks and crannies. The wasted fields of the Green Revolution that I have seen are barren stretches of lifeless Earth marked by salt leach piles and exposed plow pans.
Now, here is graphic evidence of the same contradiction in the transgenic crops of the "Gene Revolution."  If you visit Monsanto's "Products" page, you can browse through the products in the current R&D pipeline.

The transgenic corn products listed below are not on the market yet. What strikes me as especially revealing about the list is the "Phase" and "Generation" designations that follow each of the named releases: Wow! Phase IV for Generation III! I wonder if the bioserfs that grow this stuff can hardly wait for Phases IX through X for Generation V, ad nauseum?

Here is Monsanto's take on its:

Corn R&D Biotechnology Pipeline
·       FOPS Tolerance (Phase I)
·       Rootworm III (Phase II)

The transgenic treadmill is served as "product innovation" to bioserfs on a yearly basis through endless Monsanto iterations, the reiterative "Phases" and "Generations" of their transgenic product lines. These pacts are surely accompanied by the appropriate precision farming contracts to guide the bioserfs on the treadmill.

Oh woe, the Frankencrops that just cannot get past the old quelites, flourishing in transgenic corn and cotton fields. What an iron cage they forge as farmers become captives inside the prison of transgenics and the legal flourish of biopower.

Devon G. Peña is Professor of American Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, and Environmental Studies, an interdisciplinary research scholar and widely-cited author. He is also the founder and President of The Acequia Institute, the nation's first Latina/o charitable foundation dedicated to supporting research and education for the environmental and food justice movement. 
His blog is here
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