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‘Free Basics’ will take away more than our right to the internet

Free Basics : Corporate freedom to privatise India’s Basic Economy
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By Dr Vandana Shiva – |, 29 December 2015

As the TRAI decides the fate of Free Basics, Mark Zuckerberg is in India with ₹100 crore, in pocket change, for advertising. Facebook’s Free Basics is a repackaged, or in other words, a system where Facebook decides what parts of the internet are important to users.
Reliance, Facebook’s Indian partner in the Free Basics venture, is an Indian mega-corporation with interests in telecom, energy, food, retail, infrastructure and, of course, land. Reliance obtained land for its rural cell phone towers from the government of India and grabbed land from farmers for SEZ’s through violence and deceit. As a result and at no cost, Reliance has a huge rural, semi-urban and suburban user base — especially farmers. Although Free Basics has been banned (for the time being), Reliance continues to offer the service across its networks.

A collective corporate assault is underway globally. Having lined up all their ducks, veterans of corporate America such as Bill Gates are being joined by the next wave of philanthro-corporate Imperialists, including Mark Zuckerberg. The similarities in Gates and Zuckerberg’s perfectly rehearsed, PR firm-managed announcements of giving away’ their fortunes is uncanny. Whatever entity the Zuckerbergs form to handle the US$45 billion they will be investing will most likely end up looking a lot like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ie: powerful enough to influence the climate negotiations, responsible for nothing.

What could Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have to gain from dictating terms to governments during the climate summit? “The Breakthrough Energy Coalition will invest in ideas that have the potential to transform the way we all produce and consume energy,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page. It was an announcement of Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Coalition, the combined wealth of hundreds of billions of dollars of 28 private investors who will influence how the world produces and consumes energy.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Genetically Modified Seeds: Women in India take on Monsanto

farmer chanda devi
                      The way to food security                                             
In memory of Arun Shrivastava  who passed away on 19th Dec 2015.

This article was first published in 2006.
“We do not buy seeds from the market because we suspect they may be contaminated with genetically engineered or terminator seeds,” says Pavamma, a Dalit woman in village Palarum, near the town of Zaheerabad, about 110 kms north-west of the high-tech city of Hyderabad.
George W Bush signed “Knowledge Initiative in Agriculture” [KIA] with Manmohan Singh [the Indian Prime Minister] in March 2006, cheered by representatives of Monsanto and Wal-Mart, in the same city. Pavamma does not know about KIA. .

Pavamma looks after a household of 14 members, from 2 year old infants to 80 year old grandparents. She owns nine acres of land in semi arid Deccan plateau. One acre, she says, is sufficient to feed her household highly nutritious three full meals every day all year round. The surplus from eight is sold or stored in the household food bank. I spent about two hours with her and learnt that she has a bank of fifty different seeds that she says she needs “to feed her household properly.”

Palarum is a habitation of about thirty households and is part of Village Council of Devrampalli in district Medak. Each village has its own “sangham,” comprising of all households, of all castes and religion. A Village Council is a Constitutional body whereas the sangham is a community-based organization. The seventy-two Sanghams are part of a regional federation welded together by Deccan Development Society, nominally headed by PV Satheesh, that won the COG Award for “Best People’s Defense” on 25th March 2006. [See See also ETC Group website.]

Women manage seed bank
Earlier men managed the household seed stock. Now, it is women. “Men wanted to store fewer seeds and preferred to buy from the market. We want all sorts of seeds for all sorts of food that we eat,” said the women, while men stood nearby smoking local cigarillos.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Famine As Commerce

bengal famine victims

Devinder Sharma

"Food is power. We use it to change behavior. Some may call that bribery. We do not apologize"
- Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the World Food Program.

Some years back, a keynote speaker at the International Famine Centre at Cork, Ireland, detailed how maize was loaded on ships bound for Britain at the height of the great Irish potato famine that killed some 1.5 million people more than 150 years ago. He paused and then lamented: "I wonder what kind of people lived at that time who were not even remotely offended at the sight of millions dying of hunger in the same village where the ships were being loaded."

A hundred years later, the same class of people were largely responsible for the great Bengal Famine in 1943, in which an estimated 1.5 million to 3 million people perished. As Nobel laureate Amartya Sen explains in his now well-known theory of entitlements, the Bengal famine was not the result of a drastic slump in food production but because the colonial masters had diverted food for other commercial purposes. And if you are wondering whether the same evil class of the elite decision-makers has perished with the collapse of the erstwhile colonies, hold your breadth. In the last 60 years or so, following the great human tragedy of the Bengal famine, food aid was conveniently used as a political weapon. But what is arguably one of the most blatantly anti-humanitarian act, seen as morally repugnant, is the decision of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to offer US $50 million in food aid to famine-stricken Zimbabwe provided that it is used to purchase genetically modified maize. Food aid therefore is no longer an instrument of foreign policy. It has now become a major commercial activity, even if it means exploiting the famine victims and starving millions.

That is the official line at the USAID about the corn it has offered to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique and Malawi, where an estimated 13 million people face severe hunger and possibly live under the spectre of an impending famine after two years of drought and floods.

For the genetically modified food industry, reeling under a growing rejection of its untested and harmful food products, there is money in hunger, starvation and death. Spearheaded by USAID, the industry has made it abundantly clear that it has only genetically modified maize to offer and was not willing to segregate. The WFP, which over the past few decades has for all practical purposes become an extension of USAID, was quick to put its rubber stamp. It had earlier helped the United States to reduce its grain surpluses by taking the genetically modified food for a mid-day meal programme for school children in Africa.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Paris Stunned as Scientists Debunk Climate Change Hysteria

paris climat 2015 

The scientists say that while the science refutes the UN’s claim that man-made carbon emissions are to blame for global warming, they claim that the UN is pressing ahead with its sinister ‘climate regime’ agenda, which includes: destroying industrial civilization, propping up kleptocrats with Western tax funds, and seizing control of the global economy under the guise of regulating the immensely beneficial “gas of life,” also known as carbon dioxide. 

The reports:
Dubbed “Day of Examining the Data,” the conference featured numerous presentations, each one debunking multiple elements of the increasingly discredited anthropogenic (man-made) global-warming theory (AGW). From explaining the myriad benefits of carbon dioxide to the environment and mankind to highlighting the ongoing 19-year pause in warming, no intellectually honest attendee could have left the summit still believing the “climate” hysteria pushed by various governments and international outfits. Indeed, practically every fear-mongering narrative pushed at the nearby UN climate summit was mercilessly debunked with facts, data, logic, and common sense. Later in the day, the film Climate Hustle brutally exposing the climate alarmism premiered at a nearby cinema in Paris, earning nothing but profuse praise from attendees.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Vaccine Autism Cover-up: How One Doctor’s Career was Destroyed for Telling the Truth


In what was perhaps the biggest news event of 2014 (that the mainstream media does not want to cover), the full ramifications of Dr. William Thompson of the CDC coming forward as a whistleblower to confess that the CDC has covered up data linking vaccines to autism are yet to be seen. (See: CDC Whistleblower: CDC Covered Up MMR Vaccine Link to Autism in African American Boys)

However, while blame and (hopefully) criminal complaints more than likely await many people who participated in this cover-up, there is one man who deserves honor, and to whom the mainstream media owes a huge apology: Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Dr. Wakefield is the world-renowned gastrointestinal surgeon and researcher who has been accused of fraud and fabricating studies that show a link between the MMR vaccine and bowel disease, present in many children with autism. Dr. Wakefield was not an anti-vaccine doctor. Rather, he was a doctor interested in vaccine safety, and his studies led him (and many other researchers) to believe that there were problems with the three-combo vaccine of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). He did not advise his patients to stop vaccinating, but instead to vaccinate for these three diseases with single vaccines, rather than the combo.

There was just one problem with this advice. While this advice was in the best interest of parents seeking vaccine safety, it was not in the best interest of the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine (Merck), which saw a decline in its sales in the UK (although there was initially an increase in the sale of single-dose vaccines).

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

मोन्सान्टो की भयावह योजना - भारतीय किसानों का नियोजित खात्मा

कॉलिन टॉडहन्टर के लेख  का हिन्दी अनुवाद 

वैश्विक कृषि व्यवसाय वाले हमेशा यही कहते हैं कि उन्हें विश्व भर के किसान और मानवजाति की चिन्ता है इसलिये जीएम खाद्य फसलों की खेती से वह बढ़ती अबादी की भूख और किसानों को पर्याप्त आमदनी दिलाने की समस्याओं का हल करना चाहते हैं । मगर क्या यह सच है ? आइये देखते हैं ।

अपनी कंपनी और उत्पाद को बढ़ावा देने के लिये अमेरिकी बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपनी यूनियन कार्बाइड ने १९५० और १९६० के दशक में विज्ञापनों की शृंखला बनाई थी । उनमें से एक था जिसमें एक विशाल हाथ एक प्रयोगशाला कुप्पी से भारतीय मिट्टी पर रसायन डालता नजर आता है  मानो भगवान के हाथ के रूप में यूनियन कार्बाइड  पिछड़े और गरीब भारतीय किसानों की मदद कर रहा हो ।  

लेकिन भोपाल की भयानक दुर्घटना, अनगिनत लोगों की मौत , उस कंपनी द्वारा न्याय को चकमा देना और भोपाल पीड़ितों के लिये कुछ भी नहीं करने से साफ जाहिर है कि उन्हें इन्सानों की बिल्कुल परवाह नहीं बस मुनाफे की चिन्ता है । अगर उन्हें चिन्ता होती तो उन आर्थिक और सामाजिक स्थितियों को सुधारने की कोशिश करते जिससे गरीबी और भुखमरी बढ़ती है। उसमें उनकी अपनी भूमिका भी शामिल है जैसे कि `कृषि पर ज्ञान पहल' और ट्रान्सऐटलांटिक ट्रेड ऐंड इन्वेस्टमेंट पार्ट्नर्शिप (टीटीआईपी) जो उन्हें विश्व भर की खेती का अपनी इच्छा स्वरूप पुनर्निर्माण करने की इजाजत देता है।

सच तो यह है कि अमेरिकी वैश्विक शक्ति का विकास अमेरिकी कृषि व्यवसाय द्वारा दुनिया के खाद्य समृद्ध देशों को मुहताज देशों में बदल देने से हुआ है | खेती में सुधार लाने का बहाना उनके लिये द्वार खोलता है, वह अन्दर आते हैं, अपनी जहरीली रसायनिक खेती से फसलों, खेतों और किसानों को बर्बाद करते हैं और फिर इस बर्बादी को सुधारने के बहाने खेती पर अधिकार जमा लेते हैं ।  याद रखें देश का खाद्य भंडार जिसके हाथ में होता है देश की जनता उसपर आश्रित होती है । इनके कपटी तरीके बेचारे किसान समझ नहीं पाते हैं । मोन्सान्टो ने पिछले दस वर्षों में गरीब भारतीय किसानों से करीब ९०० मिलियन अमेरिकन डालर ( ९० करोड़ रुपये) गैरकानूनी ढंग से कमाया है ।

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