Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Is the MMR A Genetically Targeted Racist Vaccine ?


We know now :

1. that the CDC lied that the MMR vaccine has no association to autism.

2.that the CDC hid the data from their own study on the MMR vaccine and autism.

3.that the CDC hid the data showing the MMR causes a 340% great rate of autism in little black boys.

4.that the CDC, knowing the MMR vaccine causes autism, especially in little black boys, pushed the MMR vaccine as hard as they could.

5.that the CDC ran the Tuskegee experiment, a grotesque and racist experiment.

6. that the CDC minimizes the Tuskegee experiment to this day. 

7. that the CDC works for the CIA.

8.  that the CIA is run by the Rockefellers who since the 1920's have promoted and funded eugenics (racial purity) and funded Hitler (thus funding genocide) and have been working steadily to secretly affect populations (including their DNA itself) withvaccines and food.

Read the original full article here 

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