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Is the CDC Incompetent or Lying and Aiding the Spread of Ebola And If So Why ?

Expert Doctor Gil Mobley shares his frustration with the way the `Centers for Disease Control' is dealing with Ebola. If you are short of time watch from 9 minutes onwards when Dr Mobley comes on air.
And WHO contradicts CDC saying Ebola can be spread by coughing, sneezing etc other words indirect and airborne transmission is possible

Naturalnews reports that the World Health Organization says  Ebola can be spread by indirect contact via coughs and sneezes etc which contradicts what CDC says

Is Ebola pandemic meant to happen to bring in mandatory quarantine and mass vaccination advancing the totalitarian control agenda ? Is it a race specific bioweapon to wipe out targeted populations?

Well, US Bioweapons Lab in Sierra Leone with Links to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation IS at the core of Ebola Epidemic

 And as this Globalresearch report mentions -
Is it coincidence that the first two Americans suffering from the deadly disease are now inside the US border? Is it coincidence that the most deadly outbreak of the disease in history has admittedly now killed nearly 900 West Africans already this year? Over 200 more than just a few days ago? Is it coincidence that President Obama has just signed an executive order to have the power to begin rounding up American citizens with respiratory diseases against their will? Is it coincidence that FEMA roundups are about to begin in Los Angeles, deceiving homeless people with the carrot stick of a meal to corral them into those FEMA concentration camps and Halliburton refurbished, soon to no longer be empty prisons we’ve been hearing about?

Throughout this last century the US government and military have a notorious track record for delving into the darkest, most sinister realms in its pathological, “cutting edge” pursuit of amassing the most powerful destructive forces on earth… from torturous mind control methods to unlawful, deceptive drug experimentation on unsuspecting soldiers acting as involuntary guinea pigs, to manipulating extreme weather events used as offensive weapons to create killer storms and droughts, to the use of potently lethal electromagnetic radio waves to alter and disturb the human mind and behavior that conceivably can even cause heart attacks.

For many decades the US military has been systematically carrying out numerous highly secretive black ops programs, from raining poisonous metals down on unsuspecting Americans as sprayed chemtrails to using poor inner city mostly African Americans in St Louis as guinea pigs directly firing radioactive volleys from urban rooftops just to see how humans react to high doses of radiation. Also throughout the 1950’s into the early 1960’s there was extensive atomic bomb testing in the Nevada-Utah desert sites as well as experimental weapons testing still being detonated to this day in the South Pacific, all done knowing that downwind are unsuspecting, unprotected human victims. For four decades right up until 1972, 400 poor black sharecroppers in Tuskegee, Alabama were purposely infected syphilis just to study the effects. As if that was not enough, US government scientists infected Guatemalans in the 1940’s also with syphilis just to experiment with penicillin. This ultra-covert, highly unethical and illegal, malevolent practice of customarily misusing science, often at top universities with unlimited taxpayer funding to harness brilliant yet twisted scientific minds to unleash Nazi Dr. Mengele-type nightmarish experimentation on innocent human populations is nothing new. For obvious reasons it has largely been kept secret and hidden from public view and awareness. But enough concrete evidence has been uncovered over the years to show how willingly diabolical the US military consistently is toward harming even its own citizens.

Less hidden but far more devastating evil acts have been perpetrated by American armed forces on civilians throughout the world. Senselessly destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki as densely populated Japanese cities became the first intended targets and human guinea pigs of the atomic bomb. And President Truman ordered it even knowing Japan had all but surrendered already. But even prior to the Enola Gay dropping the atomic bomb, the US has used chemical warfare killing people all over the globe with Monsanto made napalm bombs that in one single attack wiped out 100,000 Japanese citizens. Hundreds of thousands of Southeastern Asians were napalmed to death during the Vietnam War. White phosphorus has been used to melt human flesh in Iraq and Israel has used it against Palestinians. Millions and millions of innocent humans have been murdered as a result of these most heinous international crimes against humanity decade after decade after decade with complete impunity at the hands of both the US and Israeli military.

So developing biological weapons from collecting monstrously lethal specimens of the Ebola virus should come as no surprise. Or when considering this already long and extensive US military history, repeatedly guilty of human slaughter on such mammoth, unprecedented scale, it should not be so shocking to realize the military purpose of Ebola as yet another highly destructive weapon in its vast lethal arsenal could be potentially used to eliminate an enormous segment of this planet’s readily expendable current human population.
It also says -
Right in stride with the Ebola hype comes the signing of Obama’s latest executive order. “Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases” allows for the “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases,” added to George Bush’s 2003 Executive Order 13295. This means that anyone with respiratory problems that might include bronchitis, COPD or pneumonia can potentially be rounded up at any time. This disinformation of protecting people under benign pretense is the deceptive bait by which the totalitarian police state closes in on its stranglehold of the American populace. Every week the government is ratcheting up conditions ripe for the next manufactured crisis on domestic soil that will ultimately pave the way for martial law and the FEMA roundups of American citizens. With these latest developments, we are one step closer.

Under CDC authority not just people with respiratory problems can be apprehended and detained against their will under the protocol of being quarantined. CDC asserts that any healthy American can be detained as well based on mere suspicion that he or she might have come into contact with an infected person. This loosening of the criteria for detaining individuals opens the floodgate for Big Brother to round up virtually anyone.

In other recent related news, along with people with respiratory problems, there is a current plan in place to soon be rounding up the homeless in Los Angeles and locking them up in FEMA concentration camps with implanted RFID chips. They will be baited with a promised meal. That famous poem by Martin Niemöller comes to mind about the passivity and denial of so many German citizens in response to the series of Nazi prewar mass roundups – “when they came for the homeless, I did not speak out because I was not homeless.” The Orwellian nightmare is officially underway.
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